Our Products

Green Apple uses GM Collin - the finest, highest quality brand in skin care. We carry both Men's and Women's lines of this fine product.


The G.M. Collin skin care line was founded in France in 1957 by Dr. Eugenia Lapinet, a dermatologist and pioneer in the use of collagen pellicules, and Monique Moreau, a renowned professional aesthetician. The original line has been reformulated to adapt to the North American climate and is currently manufactured in Montreal, Quebec, where G.M. Collin continues the fine traditions of creating high tech skin care solutions which are deeply rooted in the brilliance of nature.


Beauty reborn is about recapturing your true, natural radiance with the help of modern technology.
GM Collin products are derived from natural plant and marine extracts with a respect for the environment which mandates that their products are not tested on animals. A balanced commitment to good science is the cornerstone of all their product development. While their ultimate goal is to offer the best skin care products on the market today, the true spirit of GM Collin is to help women and men look great while feeing good about how they achieved the results.


GM Collin is available exclusively through clinics and spas.